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COED and Women's HOOPs

The ALL IN HOOPS COED AND WOMEN'S Leagues are for men and women looking for a Good Level of Basketball.



  3 seasons a year - Winter, Spring/Summer and Fall.  


*Open Gym/Free Agent Day June 3/4

League Highlights

24-Second Shot Clock

11 Games

Online Statistics, Schedules, Point Spreads and Photos

High Scoring Games - Exciting Playoff Structure

Complimentary Wizards Floor Seats for Captains

Convenient High-Quality Locations throughout DC

NBA/NCAA Structured Games

Stopped Clock on Free Throws

High Quality Officiating

Open Gym Pre-Season/Free Agent Weekend

Find a team or Practice with yours before the season begins

Championship Ceremony and Happy Hours

Contact or Call 202-607-3932 for more info on upcoming seasons.

Team Registrations

Coed Basketball League DC
Co-ed Basketball DC


Games played on Saturdays or Sundays - You choose.

10 minute quarters - Clock stops on free throws

Playoffs are single elimination.  All In Hoops Gyms are in Dupont Circle, Howard, and Kenilworth.

Team Registration

11 gms/1299 per team or 202-607-3932 to register

Individual Registration or 202-607-3932


Q: I do not have a team.  How do I get on one?

A: Email with your interest and contact information.  You will, at a minimum, be placed on the All In Hoops Free Agent list.

Q: How good are the teams?

A: The league features very balanced teams with excellent camaraderie among players.  The league has excellent parity. or 202-607-3932

for more information

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